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In 1990, a group of scientists from the Slovak University of Technology at Bratislava, Slovak Republic, founded the S-TEAM company. The company concentrated mainly on research and development of advanced microwave measurement techniques, software, and automated systems. In 1995 the name was modified to S-TEAM Lab. The company still very closely cooperates with and resides at the University.

The company became a prominent Slovak microwave consulting laboratory, special software developer, and manufacturer of microcomputer-controlled microwave measurement instruments and microwave components, including high-power industrial applications.

The activities and product range are focused on the following main areas:

  • High power Homer six-port vector reflectometers and automatic impedance matching systems (autotuners) operating in CW and pulse modes
    • for 900 MHz industrial-scientific-medical (ISM) bands and peak power 100 kW, implemented in R-9 (WR-975) waveguide
    • for 2.45 GHz ISM band and peak power up to 30 kW, implemented in R-26 (WR-340) waveguide and 8 mm/26 mm or EIA-specification coaxial lines
    • for 5.8 GHz ISM band and peak power up to 2 kW, implemented in R-58 (WR-159) waveguide
  • Microwave detectors, directional couplers, directional and bidirectional detectors for industrial applications in 900 MHz, 2.45 GHz and 5.8 GHz ISM bands, including
    • Schottky diode detectors
    • Schottky-diode based, microchip-controlled, SW-linearized and temperature-corrected power sensors
    • Directional couplers (loop couplers and two-probe couplers) designed for commonly used waveguide types (R-9, R-22, R-26, R-32) and EIA coaxial lines
    • Directional detectors based on Schottky diodes
    • Fast, extremely temperature-stable directional detectors based on tunnel diodes
    • Microchip-controlled bidirectional detectors for waveguides and coaxial lines
  • Development & Design of customized microwave components:
    • Including scientific research, development, design, manufacturing and testing
    • Highly qualified, experienced, adaptable personnel (scientists & engineers).
    • Command of CST Microwave Studio electromagnetic simulator, SolidWorks CAD 3D-modelling tool. All levels of programming.
    • Passive waveguide, coaxial, microstrip components, industrial applicators, plasma.