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HOMER Hot Measurement System - R&D High Power Vector Impedance Analyzer

The HOMER™ Hot Measurement Analyzer is high power vector impedance and power analyzer serving for effective and easy monitoring process parameters in microwave heating, semiconductor/FDP fabrication and other industrial applications, including plasma.

The system is designed for CW, high-ripple ("Rectified") and pulsed generator power waveforms. Under the full-power operating conditions of magnetron-based microwave generators, Homer Analyzer measures both magnitude and phase of reflection coefficient as well as incident, reflected, absorbed powers and frequency.

It can help reduce equipment manufacturing costs controlling the quality of a fabrication process.

Homer Analyzer comes with its own firmware and documentation. It can be controlled from a personal computer via RS232 or CAN Bus interface. Versions for 900 MHz and 2.45 GHz ISM bands exist.

Modes of Power Sampling
Homer supports three modes of power waveform sampling, named CW, Rectified, and Pulsed.
  • CW mode is applicable to unmodulated microwave signals with output power ripple not exceeding 15% of peak value.
  • Rectified mode is designed for slowly pulsing microwave signals (up to 400 Hz repetition rate). Such signals are typical for magnetrons powered by low-cost power supplies which incorporate simple half-wave or full-wave rectifiers.
  • Pulsed mode option is intended for sampling fast pulse-modulated microwave signals with pulse widths down to 100 µs and repetition period up to 100 ms.
Rectified and Pulsed modes provide both instantaneous and average values of reflection coefficient and power.
HomSoft Windows Control, Visualization and Data Logging Software
The HomSoft control, visualization and data logging software significantly expands the the system capabilities. The basic features include:
  • Microsoft Windows® environment
  • Accurate measurement of complex reflection coefficient and its displaying in various formats, including
       - Magnitude
       - Phase angle
       - Return Loss
       - VSWR
       - Polar Display
       - Smith Charts (Z and Y)
       - Rieke-Type Chart
  • Measurement of incident, reflected, and absorbed power and its displaying in various formats, including watts, decibels, percentage of incident power
  • Numerical readout of signal frequency, load reflection coefficient and power in various formats
  • Arbitrary shifting of the measurement plane
  • Saving measured data as tables (text files) or pictures (BMP, GIF, JPG)
  • Periodic data logging of all or some of the measured quantities
  • Multiple windows enabling simultaneous observation of various quantities in different formats
  • Wide selection of appearances of displayed curves
  • Storing and retrieving of complete system settings matched to particular tasks
  • Extensive on-line help
High Power Vector Impedance Analyzer for 2.45 GHz
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Technical Information
2.45 GHz STH R-26 Waveguide Homer Analyzer Datasheet 2.45 GHz STH WR-340 Waveguide Homer Analyzer Datasheet
2.45 GHz STH 8/26 Coaxial Homer Analyzer Datasheet 2.45 GHz STH 8/26 Coaxial Homer Analyzer Datasheet
900 MHz STHD R-9 Waveguide Homer Analyzer Datasheet 900 MHz STH/STHD WR-975 Waveguide Homer Analyzer Datasheet
2.45 GHz STH 8/26 Coaxial Homer Analyzer
900 MHz STH R-9 Waveguide Homer Analyzer