STIT 1.2: Intelligent R26 Three-Stub Tuner

The STIT 2450 MHz Intelligent Three-Stub Tuner serves for manual impedance matching and, in connection with a waterload, for realization of reflection coefficients in wide range of the Smith Chart of the 2450 MHz ISM band. Based on the R26 (WR340) waveguide, the tuner basic design is derived from the HOMER-Series STHT 2450-MHz Autotuner. Each stub is equipped with a stepper motor and terminal switches. The desired stubs position can be easily adjusted and monitored by 3.2" colour LCD display with touch-panel. RS232, RS422 or CAN Bus interfaces are optionally available for remote control and monitoring.

Intelligent tuner STIT 2.45 GHz (R26 waveguide)

Technical Information
2.45 GHz R26 STIT Intelligent Tuner Datasheet
Waveguide Type R26 (WR340)
Flange Type IEC
Frequency Range 2425 – 2475 MHz
Maximum Working Power 10 kW