Coaxial Magnetron Launcher CMLD 1.2

The CMLD 1.2 coaxial magnetron launcher is a compact, robust component connecting a class of standard 2.45-GHz Panasonic (and equivalent) magnetron types directly to 7/8’’ EIA coaxial line, avoiding thus need for a cumbersome combination of a bulky waveguide launcher with additional waveguide-to-coax adapter. The employed noncontacting coupling of the magnetron antenna eliminates the problem of sparking and over-heating that can arise in contacting junctions due to imperfect galvanic contact.

The CMLD launcher integrates a bidirectional detector enabling simultaneous measurement of the incident and reflected powers, and thus the net power delivered to load as well as providing signals for magnetron protection circuits. The maximum mean power of 2 kW is limited mainly by the 7/8’’ EIA line specifications.