Software Downloads


Download the newest version of HomSoft either for STHT Autotuner or STH Analyzer. Although Help, Handbook and HOMER simulation are part of the installations, you can download them independently for studying purposes.

File Last Updated Size
HomSoft STH Analyzer V5.0.4 2019-01-10 68.777 MB
HomSoft STHT Autotuner V5.0.4 2019-01-10 68.937 MB
HOMER Handbook V5.0.4 2019-01-10 2.74 MB
HoSim V5.0.4 2019-01-10 1.825 MB
HOMER Help V5.0.4 2019-01-10 24.772 MB


A set of HTML Help-documented virtual instrument library commands to control HOMER Autotuner via RS232 interface from within LabVIEW environment.

File Last Updated Size
HOMER LabView V1.028 2019-01-10 9.741 MB
Power Transmission Theory and Calculator

Industrial microwaves tutorial and simulation program: Understand and simulate what is going on in the waveguide connecting a magnetron and a load, why the incident wave can carry power higher than the magnetron can deliver, how to properly measure powers in the system, and what are measurement uncertainty limits caused by nonidealities of directional couplers sensing waves in the guide.

File Last Updated Size
Power Trans. Calculator 2016-03-23 977.594 KB
File Last Updated Size
InStar V2.320 2014-11-20 13.941 MB