HOMER Autotuners

The systems integrate HOMER impedance analyzer and a three-stub motorized tuner in one compact HOMER Autotuner unit.

HOMER Analyzers

High-power vector impedance and power analyzers serve for effective and easy monitoring and controlling of industrial process parameters

Manual / Motorized / Computerized Tuners

Tuning stubs identical with those of autotuners are operated manually, by stepper motors, or controlled remotely or locally by internal computers.

Microwave Components Design

Highly qualified, adaptable personnel (scientists & engineers). CST Microwave Studio, SolidWorks. Waveguide, coaxial, microstrip. Industrial applicators, plasma.


Antennas for GSM PCS, CDMA and UMTS applications (e.g. personal repeaters).

Waveguide Transitions and Adapters

We offer an assortment of precision-machined transitions between most commonly used waveguide types and coaxial lines.

Detectors and Power Sensors

General-purpose Schottky diode detectors. Fast and temperature-stable tunnel diode detectors. Precision microchip-controlled, digital-output power sensors.

Directional and Bidirectional Couplers

General-purpose directional and bidirectional couplers intended for rectangular waveguides or coaxial transmission lines.

Directional Detectors

Directional detectors deliver DC voltage proportional to the power of waves propagating in a single direction in the main waveguide.

Bidirectional Detectors

Bidirectional detectors provide DC voltages proportional to the power of waves propagating in both directions in the main waveguide.

Bidirectional Power Meters

Bidirectional power meters provide simultaneous analog and digital outputs proportional to the power of waves propagating in both directions in the main waveguide.

Coaxial Magnetron Launchers

Our coaxial magnetron launchers are compact components which couple a class of standard 2.45-GHz Panasonic and equivalent magnetron types directly to a 7/8’’ EIA coaxial line.