Microwave Components Design

Noncontacting sliding short plunger: CAD model and the real thing.
We offer all phases in a cycle of customized microwave components creation, including scientific research, development, design, manufacturing and testing.

Highly qualified, experienced, adaptable personnel (scientists & engineers). Command of CST Microwave Studio electromagnetic simulator, SolidWorks CAD 3D-modelling tool. All levels of programming.

Passive waveguide, coaxial, microstrip components, industrial applicators, plasma.

Examples of developed components (except our own products, of course)

  • Waveguide power splitters.
  • Compact coaxial power splitters (7/8'' EIA, 1 5/8'' EIA, and 3 1/8" EIA), defined phase shift in output arms.
  • Waveguide matched windows.
  • Various kinds of applicators for microwave heating and plasma.
  • And more.

Please contact S-TEAM Support for more details.