BC111: Bidirectional Coupler for R26 Waveguide

BC111 is a bidirectional coupler intended for simultaneous sampling of both incident and reflected waves in high-power 2450 MHz industrial applications using an R26 (WR340) rectangular waveguide.

Nominal coupling factor is -60 dB for maximal input power 10 kW in the waveguide.

The coupler is fixed to the parent waveguide using eight M3 or similar-diameter screws after machining of appropriate holes in the broad waveguide wall. The parent waveguide (standard or customized) can optionally be part of delivery. The standard length is 174 mm.

Frequency Range 2425 – 2475 MHz
Coupling Factor -60 dB (max. input power 10 kW)
Directivity 25 dB min
Output connector 2 x SMAf
VSWR (SMA) 1.25 max
Waveguide of destination R26 (86.36 mm x 43.18 mm)