BC241: Bidirectional Coupler 900 MHz for 7-16 Coaxial Line

BC241 is a dual directional (bidirectional) coupler intended for simultaneous sampling of the powers of both incident and reflected waves in high-power 900 MHz industrial applications using the main coaxial line with 7-16 DIN connectors.

The coupling mechanism involves two probes (antennas) inserted into the main transmission line, outputs of which are appropriately combined and distributed to the two output connectors.

The coupler integrates two attenuators to isolate the internal coupling structure from the coupled port loads, and to improve the coupled port match.

The coupling factor is -60 dB, allowing the maximal main line input power 2 kW.

Frequency range 895 – 925 MHz
Coupling factor / Max input power -60 dB / 2 kW
Directivity 25 dB min
Coupled ports connectors BC241N: N-female (Nf)
BC241S: SMA-female (SMAf)