DC114: Directional Coupler for R26 Waveguide

DC114 is a small-housing directional coupler intended for sampling incident or reflected waves in high-power 2450 MHz industrial applications using an R26 (WR340) rectangular waveguide.

The coupler is fixed to the waveguide with six M3 or similar-diameter screws after machining of appropriate holes in the broad waveguide wall.

Simply reversing the coupler causes it to sample the wave propagating in the opposite direction.

Frequency Range 2425 – 2475 MHz
Coupling Factor -50 dB ± 1dB
-60 dB ±1 dB (default)
-70 dB ±1dB
Directivity 25 dB min
Output connector Nf (SMAf available upon request)
VSWR (N, SMA) 1.25 max
Waveguide of destination R26 (86.36 mm x 43.18 mm, wall thickness 2 mm)