HOMER STH-C8/26 Analyzer ISM 2450 MHz, Coaxial Transmission Lines

The product STH-C8/26 is obsolete. Please consider the product STH 2450 with a suitable waveguide-to-coax adapter.

The HOMER-Series STH-C8/26 Analyzer is an automatic impedance and power measurement system based on an 70.7-ohm 8/26 coaxial transmission line.The system works under the full-power operating conditions of magnetron-based microwave generators and measures both magnitude and phase of reflection coefficient as well as incident, reflected and absorbed powersand frequency. The system is designed for CW, high-ripple (Rectified) and Pulsed operation modes. STH can be:

  • Controlled from a personal computer or another controller via RS232, RS422, CAN, or Ethernet/IP interface.
  • Integrated in a LabVIEW environment;

The system comes with its own software (Server) and documentation.