Bidirectional Power Meters

Our sophisticated bidirectional power meters (BPM) improve upon our bidirectional detectors by including microcontrollers that provide linearization and temperature correction of the output data. The output can be one of the following:

  • Standard analog voltage 0 – 10 V, or
  • Standard analog current 4 – 20 mA

Simultaneously with one of the analog outputs, you have one of the following digital outputs:

  • RS232 or RS422 digital output/input, or
  • CAN Bus digital output/input

Bidirectional power meters can serve for simultaneous accurate measurement of incident and reflected powers, the difference of which yields the net power delivered to and dissipated in load.

The devices can be fixed to a parent waveguide with screws after machining of appropriate holes in the broad waveguide wall. A precision parent waveguide can optionally be part of delivery.

Model Description ISM Band Waveguide Type Output Voltage Connector(s)
BPM112 Bidirectional power meter for R26 waveguide, Pmax up to 30 kW 2450 MHz R26 (WR340) 10 V/20 mA at P=Pmax D9m
BPM132 Bidirectional power meter for R22 waveguide, Pmax up to 30 kW 2450 MHz R22 (WR430) 10 V/20 mA at P=Pmax D9m
BPM214 Bidirectional power meter for R9 waveguide, Pmax up to 100 kW 900 MHz R9 (WR975) 10 V/20 mA at Pmax D9m