Coaxial Magnetron Launcher CML 1.3

The CML 1.3 coaxial magnetron launchers are compact, robust components that couple a class of standard 2.45-GHz Panasonic (and equivalent) magnetron types directly to a 7/8’’ EIA coaxial line. This direct coupling removes the need for a cumbersome combination of a bulky waveguide launcher with a waveguide-to-coax adapter. The employed noncontacting coupling of the magnetron antenna eliminates the problem of sparking and over-heating that can arise in contacting junctions due to imperfect galvanic contact.

The CML is an option without bidirectional detector. All relevant parameters are the same as the CMLD, notably all dimensions except the total length (120 mm in CMLD, 69 mm in CML). CML can be used when there is no need to monitor reflected power for magnetron protection: it is not recommended in initial design phases.The maximum mean power of 2 kW is limited mainly by the 7/8’’ EIA line specifications.

Coaxial Magnetron Launcher CML 1.3 (CMLD 1.1 shown)

Technical Information
CMLD/CML 1.3 Datasheet