DC132: Directional Coupler for WR430 Waveguide

DC132 is a small-housing directional coupler intended for sampling incident or reflected waves in high-power 2450 MHz industrial applications using an WR430 (R22) rectangular waveguide.

The coupler is fixed to the waveguide with six M3 or similar-diameter screws after machining of appropriate opening in the broad waveguide wall.

Simply reversing the coupler causes it to sample the wave propagating in the opposite direction.

DC132 Directional Coupler (DC114 shown)

Technical Information
DC132 Directional Coupler Datasheet
Frequency range 2425 – 2475 MHz
Coupling factor / Max input power -50 dB / 3 kW
-60 dB / 30 kW
-70 dB / 50 kW
Directivity 25 dB min
Output connectors Nf or SMAf
VSWR (N, SMA) 1.25 max
Waveguide of destination WR430