Manual / Motorized / Computerized Tuners

Manual, motorized and computerized (intelligent) tuners serve for impedance matching and, in connection with a waterload, for realization of reflection coefficients in wide range of the Smith Chart.

The STMT manual tuners contain three-stub tuning structures identical with those of STHT autotuners. The stubs are inserted and retracted manually by means of wheel and crank mechanism. Dials and locking levers are included for repeatable settings.

Motorized tuners drive the tuning stubs by stepper motors.

Computerized (intelligent) tuners include internal computers and a detachable module with color LCD display and touch-panel for the tuner control. The module can be located remotely. The tuner can be also controlled via RS232, RS422 or CAN Bus.

Model Description ISM Band Mode of Operation
STMT 2.1 A three-stub tuner operated by mechanical wheel-and-crank drives that is based on the R9 (WR975) waveguide. 900 MHz Manual
STIT 1.2 A computer-controlled three-stub tuner based on the R26 (WR340) waveguide. 2450 MHz Computerized