HOMER Autotuners

The HOMER (HOt MEasuRement) Autotuner is a high-power automatic impedance analyzer and matching systems that integrates a HOMER Analyzer and a motorized three-stub tuner (HOMER Mototuner) in one compact unit.

The HOMER Analyzer part measures both magnitude and phase of reflection coefficient as well as incident, reflected and absorbed powers and frequency.

The HOMER Mototuner part consists of three stepper motor-driven metallic cylinders (tuning stubs) inserted into the interior of a rectangular waveguide from the center of its broader wall, the stubs being spaced along the waveguide in mutual distances of nominally one quarter of the guide wavelength.

The Mototuner uses the data measured by the Analyzer for fast, predictive automatic impedance matching of time-varying loads, e.g. in microwave heating, semiconductor/FDP fabrication and other industrial applications, including plasma.

The system is designed for CW, high-ripple ("Rectified") and pulsed generator power waveforms. HOMER comes with its own firmware and documentation. It can work autonomously without any external control or be controlled from an external computer via RS232 or CAN Bus interface. Optional HomSoft control, visualization and data logging software, running in an external PC under Windows, significantly expands HOMER's capabilities. A collection of virtual instruments facilitating HOMER integration to a LabVIEW environment is also available.

A hands-on training course is offered teaching all aspects of HOMER operation and applications.

Model Description ISM Band Waveguide Type
STHT 900 STOLPA Autotuner based on the WR975 (R9) waveguide. 900 MHz WR975 (R9)
STHT 2450 HOMER Autotuner based on the WR340 (R26) waveguide. 2450 MHz WR340 (R26)
STHT 5800 HOMER Autotuner based on the WR159 (R58) waveguide. 5800 MHz WR159 (R58)