HOMER Autotuner ISM 5800 MHz

The HOMER-Series STHT 5800-MHz Autotuner integrates the HOMER Analyzer (automatic impedance and power measurement system) and the HOMER Mototuner (a three-stub motorized tuner) in one compact unit. Based on the R58 (WR159) waveguide, the system works under the full-power operating conditions of magnetron-based microwave generators.The Analyzer part measures both magnitude and phase of reflection coefficient as well as incident, reflected and absorbed power and frequency. The Mototuner consists of three stepping-motor-driven tuning stubs spaced in mutual distances of nominally one quarter of guide wavelength. The Tuner uses data measured by the Analyzer for fast automatic impedance matching of time-varying loads, e.g. in semiconductor/FDP fabrication and other industrial applications, including plasma. The system is designed for CW, high-ripple (Rectified) and pulsed operation modes.

STHT 5800 can be:

  • Used autonomously without an external controller.
  • Controlled from a personal computer or another controller via RS232, RS422, CAN, or Ethernet/IP interface.
  • Integrated into a LabVIEW environment.
Waveguide Type R58 (WR159)
Flange Type IEC-UDR58
Frequency Range 5725 – 5875 MHz
Maximum Working Power 2 kW