HOMER Autotuner ISM 2450 MHz

The HOMER-Series STHT 2450-MHz Autotuner integrates the HOMER Analyzer (automatic impedance and power measurement system) and the HOMER Mototuner (a three-stub motorized tuner) in one compact unit. Based on the WR340 (R26) waveguide, the system works under the full-power operating conditions of magnetron-based microwave generators. The Analyzer part measures both the magnitude and phase of reflection coefficient as well as the incident, reflected and absorbed power, and frequency. The Mototuner consists of three stepping-motor-driven tuning stubs spaced in mutual distances of nominally one quarter of guide wavelength. The Tuner uses data measured by the Analyzer for fast automatic impedance matching of time-varying loads in allindustrial applications, including plasma.The system is designed for CW, high-ripple (Rectified) and Pulsed sampling modes. Also available is matching for non-zero reflection coefficient magnitude (defined mismatch tuning). The peak working power is set at the time of manufacture as specified in the customer's order.

STHT can be:

  • Used autonomously without an external controller.
  • Controlled from a personal computer or another controller via RS232, RS422, CAN, or Ethernet/IP interface.
  • Integrated into a LabVIEW environment.
Configuration Options:
  • Cooling: Air-cooled or water-cooled. The main purpose of water cooling is isolating the internal electronics from dusty or hot-air environment.
  • Waveguide Transitions: Basic Units can be provided with precision transitions to other transmission line types, such as WR430, WR284, 7-16 DIN, 7/8'' EIA, attached at one or both ends, allowing their easy integration in installations with different transmission media.
STHT 2.45 GHz, water-cooled

Technical Information
2.45 GHz STHT HOMER Autotuner Datasheet
STHT 2.45 GHz, air-cooled
Waveguide type WR340
Flange type IEC
Frequency range 2425 – 2475 MHz
Available maximum working power 100 W – 30 kW